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November 23, 2020 - BY Admin

Mercury Free Creams In Pakistan


A whiter complexion is considered as the beauty mark these days. Claudia and coworkers (2011)[1] reported that people try many skin whitening products to make their skin fresh and glow, including facial and body whitening supplements. The production rate of skin whitening formulas is significantly higher in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, Latin America, and many more countries as people of these countries face increased melanin concentrations and secretions into their bodies, which led to the darkening of their skin tones. Therefore, people are moving towards fast and quick ways of chemically synthesized skin whitening creams and formulas. These creams give you a whiter complexion with the help of bleaching agents such as kojic acid, Mercury, hydroquinone, which can cause hazardous health effects. Sometimes, the higher MERCURY concentrations present in them are CARCINOGENIC, primarily involved in skin cancers. Due to hazardous health and dermatological effects by MERCURY, US FDA has set the guideline of Mercury in SOAPS and CREAMS that its concentrations must be less than 1 mg/L (FDA 2000). Mercury is used in skin whitening materials because it is a very effective and inexpensive ingredient

But it is way more dangerous than that!!


If someone is using a mercury-laden skin lightener, the product may cause:

• Skin rashes.

• Scars.

• Discolored skin.

• Anxiety.

• Depression.

• It also affects eyesight and hearing to a dangerous extent.

• It can injure the nerves of the human body to create permanent numbness.

There are numerous, more dangerous, and even fatal side effects of mercury-containing skin whitening products.

How to identify a Mercury-containing skin whitening Product

There are two ways to identify a mercury-containing product

1. From ingredients: if you see the following ingredients in a skin whitening product, it may have Mercury

• Calomel

• Cinnabaris

• Quicksilver

• Hydrargyri oxydum rubrum

2. Check for a warning to stay the products faraway from silver, gold, rubber, aluminum, and jewelry: mercury damages these products

Choosing the right skin whitening products

It is complicated to look for an adequate yet harmless skin whitening product nowadays. Because there are many small and big industries making large amounts of skin whitening products, and making much profit. Nevertheless, considering the motto "Safety First." you should only use Mercury-free products for skin whitening and lightening. A right skin whitening product that is effective and harmless should contain no chemical ingredients. Right whitening products may contain a maximum number of herbal ingredients along with effective antioxidants like Glutathione, which is entirely harmless and highly effective on skins of all types.


What exactly is Glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant in an animal. Glutathione avoids damage to most cellular components caused by reactive particles like free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals.

To cut a long story short, it is an antioxidant

That repairs all damage to your skin cells causes by the harsh contaminants present in the environment.

But wait!

There is a question that,

Where can you find that miraculous antioxidant (Glutathione)?

Do not worry,

The best thing is that excellent antioxidants (Glutathione) with vitamin "C" in Gluta White creams & pills (which is considered as the best whitening product which is approved by the Government of Pakistan.)

This Gluta-White cream does not deal only with facial problems, but its main ingredient, vitamin "C" in it produces a shielding and protecting layer on your skin. As a result, you end up having more glowing and flawless skin with the continuous use of only seven nights. Vitamin C is a nutrient found in some foods. When the intake of vitamin C is not enough, it can lead to numerous skin cell issues like dark fairness, wrinkles at an early age, dark spots on your skin, and makes the wound healing process very slow. In other words, it is an important nutrient if anyone wants to form the skin's aging process slow and needs to form skin glow or shine forever.

Gluta white Skin whitening products

But if anyhow one's skin gets damaged from the sun's ultraviolet radiations or due to harsh contaminants in the air, then the only cure is Glutathione. Glutathione is present in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria. Glutathione can prevent and cure damage to skin cells caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals.

When it comes to a skincare product or whitening products, some of them contain only vitamin C and other content only glutathione, but Gluta White, whitening products ( cream, pills, injection, and sope ) contain both 500 mg vitamin C and 1000mg Glutathi Deeone. Vitamin C in GlutaWhite nourishes the skin cells. On the other hand, Glutathione in Gluta White repairs the skin cell, and CE creates a protective layer on the skin.

Gluta White cream and soap can be used just like an ordinary night cream and soap; before applying this cream, one must need to wash face, and then a general massage can apply the cream, and soap can be used twice or more than twice in a day to get instant results one can use ordinary sunblock on the skin while going out in day time.

Ingredients ;

Gluta White pills contain

• L-Glutathione- 1500000mg,

• Collagen- 400000mg,

• Coenzyme Q10- 2000mg,

• Vitamin C -50000mg,

• Bioflavonoi- 2000mg,

• Hyaluronic Acid -2500mg,

• Koji Berry -2000mg,

• Green Coffee Berry –1200mg,

• Raspberry Extract -1200mg,

• Pine Bank Extract -1500mg,

• Grape Seed Extract -1500mg,

• Acerola Cherry- 3000mg,

• mix Berry Extract,

which makes your skin glowing, since these all are natural ingredients so a Gluta White pill can be consumed with water and it has no side effects.

Lastly, Gluta White injections are the most effective, fastest, and guaranteed way to get designed results but this method is a bit expensive and the celebrities of Pakistan use it. The injection is injected in the layers of skin which increases the amount of melanin in the skin as the result of which you get glowing skin.

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