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Gluta White (Vitamin C + Calcium) Tablets

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Glutathione & Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets contain the world’s best Glutathione. Gluta Whitening tablets complete the deficiency of Vitamin C and are specialized for diabetes. If you are using Gluta whitening pills or cream for skin whitening then you must have to use this product along with it. If you want better and perfect results for your skin then I recommend you try this product.

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Gluta White with Vitamin C Tablets

As we know, Glutathione levels in the body decrease with age, and hence it is important to ensure healthy

aging by supplementing Glutathione orally. Glutathione gives anti-aging as well as skin lightening

benefits. It functions by enabling the exposition of lighter melanin pigment (pheomelanin) over its darker

counterpart (eumelanin). Orally consumed Glutathione brightens the skin effectively and its regular

consumption also benefits to boost stamina, immunity, and detoxification.

Used for:

 For diabetes

 Photoaging

 Skin glow

 Uneven skin tone

How to use it?

 First of all, Simply drop a tablet in 120ml of water.

 Wait till the effervescent tablet dissolve totally.

 Now, Enjoy the great tasty fizzy health drink

 Displace the cap tightly after every use to prevent tablet degradation.


Replenishing glutathione stores is significant for enhanced skin lightening benefit and anti-aging.


 It gives quicker results

 High user compliance

 It is a Tasty fizzy health drink

Recommended dosage

Take 1 tablet day-to-day in the morning or as directed by Healthcare Professionals


 The tablets may show color spots due to the nature of the Ingredients. This does not alter the product's

efficacy and taste.

 Not to be swallowed directly

 Not to go beyond the recommended daily usage

Gluta White (Vitamin C + Calcium) Tablets

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